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Clarence Gooden 2Railroads have played an important role in America’s history for nearly two centuries. From the earliest days of steam locomotives in the 1830s to ambitious future plans for innovative high-speed rail projects, trains have truly helped to build and unite America, forming a critical part of the country’s huge transportation network and making major contributions to the economy.

Today, the American rail industry is more vital than ever. Thanks to technological advances, infrastructure investments, and a stabilizing economic climate, the industry is creating thousands of jobs, enjoying surging revenues, and moving greater and greater amounts of goods and people more efficiently than ever before. Far from being just a part of history, railroads are now more clearly than ever an increasingly important part of America’s future.

Join longtime rail executive Clarence Gooden in exploring the fascinating and dynamic world of railroads. This blog offers a detailed look at railroads, from stories about the history of trains, to details about the current rail industry, to all kinds of facts that you might not know about trains. Visit the blog regularly to boost your train knowledge by learning about how railroads got started, where they are headed, and how they operate.

Clarence Gooden has been working in the rail industry for more than 40 years. Committed to growing and improving US rail transportation for industry professionals and consumers alike, Gooden currently serves as the executive vice president and chief commercial officer for CSX Corporation, one of America’s leading rail-based freight transportation companies. He is also a board member of the National Freight Transportation Association and the Federal Reserve Transportation Advisory Board, as well as a frequent public speaker at industry events.

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